Kimberly and Bryan

Our Story

Kim and Bryan's love story began at Chatsworth High School, summer of 2007. The two were in summer school at the time, taking separate classes in the same hallway. One day after class they were both walking out the hallway when Kim introduced herself to Bryan. Summer went by and school had started again and they started to see more of each other. A few short months after, on March 7, 2008 Bryan and Kim had gone bowling with a couple of friends. As the night went on Bryan took Kim outside to get some "fresh air" and asked Kim to be his girlfriend.

For their ten year anniversary, they drove out to Temecula, California at 4 am! Kim was so confused as to why they were driving out to Temecula so early in the morning because the city is known for its wineries. Little did Kim know, Bryan had planned the most romantic and unexpected date that changed their lives. When they got to the destination Kim found out that they were going on a hot air balloon ride to watch the sunrise! Excited to go on the hot air balloon they both jumped in and were ready to take off. About five minutes into the air the photographer on board yelled across to Bryan to grab his attention and Bryan told Kim "to look", confused Kim didn't know where to look so she looked to her left to see if maybe Bryan saw a "cool bird or something" because he was staring in her direction so she thought he had seen something behind her. When she turned back around to face him, she had seen him down on one knee with a beautiful ring. Nervous and cold the only words that came out were "I love you, Will you marry me?" and without hesitation, Kim said YESS!

Now, here we are about to celebrate the high school sweethearts, Kimberly and Bryan!
Leah Bisch